Eco lover part 7 – Alberte Emilie Fogh

Eco Lovers is a series of people that in one way or another have a passion for the nature and the world that we are living in. For us as a brand we are happy to partner with these people and share their story for a better world.

We had the pleasure to team up with Alberte Emilie Fogh as a Swedish Eco ambassador after she took interest in our products, vision and values.

Alberte Emilie in her natural habitat, enjoying life.☺️

So, who is she?

Alberte Emilie is a student of civil engineering in architecture & design based in Aalborg, Denmark and she’s 23 y/o turning 24. Besides engineering and design, she’s also very interested in sustainability and mindful living.
She appreciates good design and aspire to inspire more people to live a mindful and simple life.

“I have always been aware and observant towards climate change, but I took a turn when traveling through South East Asia in 2016 and I became much more aware about what I, personally, could do to be more environmentally engaged. 
I’m aiming help the world’s architecture to become more environmental.” Alberte Emilie says.

Swedish Eco as a company and Alberte Emilie share the same value and vision where both wants to make a positive impact and inspire people to make a better choice. When asked why she’d like to represent the brand Swedish Eco, she answered: ‘I want to spread the meaningful message Swedish Eco is sending.’

For those who haven’t start their sustainable way of life but wants to, here’s Alberte Emilie’s best advice:

‘My best advice is just to do something! Skip the meat a couple of times a week and take the bike most days. I promise you will feel great about you decisions and before you know it you will be implementing the mindful lifestyle to all aspects of your life!

Swedish Eco: Who’s your sustainable role model?

Alberte Emilie: I don’t think I have a specific role model , but it is motivating to see companies change their product production to become more sustainable. 

Swedish Eco: Why it’s important with organic underwear and sustainable brands such as Swedish Eco, what would you say? 

I would say that it is important to support these companies and that we should make an effort to buy more organic clothes.‘ Alberte Emilie Fogh, everybody.??

Eco Lovers part 6 – Evelina Nilsson

Eco Lovers is a series of people that in one way or another have a passion for the nature and the world that we are living in. For us as a brand we are happy to partner with these people and share their story for a better world.

Evelina in India last September.?

We’re honored to present Swedish Eco’s next ambassador – Evelina Nilsson, professional skier, Yogi and Jedi. ? Let’s face it, this combination is very rare.

For those who don’t know, who is Evelina Nilsson?
My human self is 28 years old. I grew up in the north of Sweden and partly in the United States. I’ve always been in love with nature as me and my three siblings were brought into the outdoors at an early age. I love skiing. Skiing reminds me of the truth of what I am.

Beyond body, thoughts and concepts. It has taught me oneness, being one with myself, nature and the people around me. It was natural for me that my inspiration and love for skiing brought me to my dream of becoming a professional skier. With skiing I wish to spread love, unity and self realization for the people. When we are out on the mountain, we forget about our differences that only come with the world. We are constantly reminded of the truth of our soul and thus we become the best version of ourselves. Our highest potential and we remember that anything is possible.

I had a yoga teacher training last September so I can share more love and wisdom to our planet. Other than that I love climbing, skate boarding, surfing, being in nature. All these expressions teach me to get to know myself deeper and deeper and it brings me joy to my heart. Always follow your inner most joy.   

Why Swedish Eco? 
Loving the outdoors one needs to take care of our playground. Swedish Eco is an example of someone following ones desire and working for something bigger than oneself. Working for the benefit of all. Planet earth is our home and she has been giving us love unconditionally. It is time we give that love back. Swedish Eco is the step in the right direction. I am proud of being a part of this amazing brand. ?

Describe yourself with three words.
Bubbly, loving and crazy. ✨

Among your friends, what are you most known for?
Being the frisky, bubbly lively person in the room.  ☺️

What’s your best advice to be as awesome as you are on the mountains? 
Believe in yourself and don’t care about what others think of you. Anything is possible and dare being the beginner. Follow your inspiration. ⛷

Name a song that will always make you wanna dance.
Any song with a positive vibe, being played from the heart.?

Which fictional characters would you like to be friends with and why?
?Yoda because of his wisdom and I believe I would learn a lot from being in his presence. 
??‍♀️Hermione from Harry Potter because she is freakin awesome, such a smart and beautiful soul. 
?Sailor moon because I am a moon child as well and I loved her as I little kid. 

Your daily sustainable inspiration

Do you struggle to start your new sustainable lifestyle, lack the inspiration to start or just don’t know where or how to start? Good! That means you still have some room left to learn something new. ?
There’s no shame of not knowing, we’ve all been there in some subject.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to Annika, she’s the brain behind the environment inspiration instagram account called “@medveten_i_stan“.

Annika, matching her purse with mother nature.?
Pre-loved of course.♻️

Who is Annika? Tell us about your instagram account @medveten_i_stan, when did you start it and why?
I am a super committed woman in my forties living in Stockholm, Sweden. I do everything in my power to drive sustainable change. With the account, which I started in spring 2019, I want to influence, wake new thoughts, and to cheer people on in their change process towards a more sustainable life. I believe in shared power and daring to choose new ways of living. We cannot continue in our old tracks – we must wake each other up. I just can’t stand next to this whole crisis and watch. Something must be done! I have the energy and knowledge – my inspiration might be just what the followers need to make the change.

To get people to wanting to live more consciously sustainable, we need to show engaging examples that comes from our everyday life. That’s what I want to spread – simple everyday eye openers that will lead to changes. Everything starts there, in our own everyday lives. Only when you understand that, you are ready to make changes.

What inspires you to be more climate conscious? ?
To save our common future. I want to be able to to see butterflies in spring, I want to be able to swim in the sea, I want to live so that my choices do not affect people and animals in other parts of the world. I have two children and I want to show both them and myself that change is possible!  

What would tell a person who wants to start a greener, more conscious life? 
That no one is sustainable perfect! So don’t get sad or give up when you feel that you are not living a perfect sustainable life. I’d also like to say that a more sustainable way of living does not mean sacrifice, rather the opposite!

Try it – you will like it! ?

To visit Annika’s instagram account, click HERE.

Fanny & Palmerbrace Vintage

Fanny Omne, Swedish Fashion Icon

We had the greatest pleasure to stumble upon one of the greatest account on instagram called @palmerbracevintage. Palmerbrace Vintage is a selected vintage store online founded by Fanny Omne, a true fashion muse, digital creator and an absolute doll.

“I handpick every piece of clothing that is sold on my website. I wouldn’t sell what I wouldn’t wear! I freshen the piece up, sometimes I make adjustments to make it fit better, sometimes I don’t. I work hard on trying to keep the prices fair. I wouldn’t want to resell a T-shirt for 450kr, that’s too much. I want vintage to be for everybody, not just rich people who are trying to look poor. ” she says.

Lucky for us at Swedish Eco, we were able to get an interview with Fanny.

Who is Fanny Omne, except for the fashionista/ genius behind Palmerbrace Vintage?
I guess that other people usually label me as ”Funny”, and that’s kinda my identifier to other people, which I am completely fine with. To myself, and to my close ones, I believe I’m a very introvert, thinking, and understated person. If I don’t get my solitude I DIE on the inside. But as the true Gemini that I am, I’m in constant change. One day I’m the most outgoing, annoyingly happy person ever, and the next day I’m a quite little blob walking around my apartment all alone filled with anxiety. Basically, I’m a bit of a rollercoaster. I’m one of those super annoying people that has to have a purpose for EVERYTHING I do, otherwise I just can’t do it. That’s both a selfish trait of mine as well as it is a good quality to have once you actually feel like you have a purpose.
I live for creativity, especially when It comes to music, photography, fashion and movies. If I don’t have a creative outlet I very quickly begin to feel anxiety and boredom. ??‍♀️

Who are the customers?
I have customers from all around the world, but Scandinavia, and Sweden, is of course number one. It’s 90% girls from the age of 15 to 30 that shop from me, then there’s about 10% boys.

Somebody bring the extinguishers cuz SHE IS ON FIRE! ?

The second hand trend is now trending all over the world, did you know this trend would bloom when you started Palmerbrace Vintage and how did you come up with this amazing idea?
I definitely sensed it coming, yes.
I actually got the idea standing in a huge unknown flea market in Bali, in a town called Tabanan about 1,5 years ago. Walking through, looking at all these amazing pieces that NOBODY knew about, I simply thought to myself ”Damn, I should buy from places like this and re-sell it?” And as soon as I got home I did! I Started searching the second hand store for gems, set up the website, and voila, my company was started.

From what we’ve seen, the garments are sold out very fast, what are your tips for the customers?
I know. I’ts actually pretty crazy. My reports show that 70% of the garments are sold within 3,5 minutes. You have to be REAL quick. My tip is to be logged on at EXACTLY 18.00 (when I have a drop), and to just be as quick with your card-number as possible to be honest! But be logged on at 18.00 SHARP, that’s the most important thing! ⭐️

From the collection
“Originals: Re-made By Fanny Omne”

You dropped a fabulous collection that’s re-made by you a while back. Can you tell us about the collection. And is it hard to let go of your projects?
Yeah so, you know these horrible old 80´s clothes you always see on the ”Retro” section in the second hand stores? I’ve always loved funky prints and colors, I just wished they had some good fits as well. So I decided to make good fits of it! Basically, I re-make old vintage un-wearable clothes into something wearable and fun!
It’s definitely hard. But In comparison, it’s a quite small sacrifice to let go of a lovely piece of clothing to be able to work with what I love.

How would you describe your style?
My style isn’t very special to be honest. I love casual outfits, the most important thing to me is a good fit. A great pair of jeans and a white top with golden accessories works just fine for me. I love being creative when it comes to styling the Palmerbrace Vintage shoots tho.

What does fashion mean to you?
It’s definitely a creative outlet for me, so in that matter Fashion means a lot. Seeing it from another perspective tho, fashion is just visually pleasing for me, which is great because I looove beautiful things but, it doesn’t go deeper down that that. It’s the whole machinery behind my brand that gives ”fashion” depth.

What’s your favorite garment at the moment?
A good pair of suit pants with a small flare is so good to fit with square shaped shirts and jackets. LOVE that look. ?❣️

What’s your best advice for styling?
To never put yourself in a category when it comes to style. Not being like ”Oh I love that piece, but it’s not my style, so I can’t wear it..” STOP LIMITING YOURSELF FOR THE SAKE OF WHAT CATEGORY YOU HAVE BEEN PUT INTO BY SOCIETY! Dare to try something new. That applies to life in general. ✌?

The pictures are from and @palmerbracevintage on instagram.

Last but not least: How would you style a set of Swedish Eco underwear?
I know EXACTLY how I would style them, don’t even have to think about it. I’d take the Black Bralette and Black Bikini Briefs, wear a pair of baggy white jeans, and a white oversized cut off old jeans jacket and just wear the Bralette as a top. Pair it with some cool jewelry and maybe a bucket hat! SUCH A LOOK! ?

Here are the links
to the webshop:
to Palmerbrace Vintage’s instagram:

Eco Lovers – Part 5: Robin Rasmusson

Next up, our newest ambassador – Robin

Eco Lovers is a series of people that in one way or another have a passion for the nature and the world that we are living in. For us as a brand we are happy to partner with these people and share their story for a better world.

Robin Rasmusson might be our fastest ambassador yet.
He’s 33 years old, father of two, works as a store manager at a bicycle café in Halmstad. He’d describe himself as a Running-, Family-, Happy man.

‘ Running in the countryside or along a trail in the woods is one of the best things out there!’ Says Robin.

Robin with his youngest, Juni, after the Copenhagen marathon earlier this year. ??‍♂️

Among your friends, what are you most known for?

I would say that they think I’m persistent and determined to get things done once I set my mind to it. A delightful guy with a constant contagious smile on my face, and a big heart. ?❣️

What’s your best advice to be as awesome as you on the running tracks?

My mantra is: “This is my passion. With joy and with a positive mindset I can achieve anything and get anywhere” ?
You are able to do so much more than you think, you should trust yourself, but don’t forget to have fun! Running is wonderful. ??‍♂️?

Name a song that will always make you wanna dance.

‘The Bomb’ with Pigeon John, such an exceptional and energizing song. ?

Which fictional characters would you like to be friends with and why?

When I was young my nickname was Tarzan. That’s something I’d like to hang around. Running around in the jungle, agile and with great mobility. I love motion and Tarzan is one of the most dexterous characters I know.???‍♂️??

Check out Robins instagram for running inspiration here: