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Your daily sustainable inspiration

Do you struggle to start your new sustainable lifestyle, lack the inspiration to start or just don’t know where or how to start? Good! That means you still have some room left to learn something new. ?
There’s no shame of not knowing, we’ve all been there in some subject.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to Annika, she’s the brain behind the environment inspiration instagram account called “@medveten_i_stan“.

Annika, matching her purse with mother nature.?
Pre-loved of course.♻️

Who is Annika? Tell us about your instagram account @medveten_i_stan, when did you start it and why?
I am a super committed woman in my forties living in Stockholm, Sweden. I do everything in my power to drive sustainable change. With the account, which I started in spring 2019, I want to influence, wake new thoughts, and to cheer people on in their change process towards a more sustainable life. I believe in shared power and daring to choose new ways of living. We cannot continue in our old tracks – we must wake each other up. I just can’t stand next to this whole crisis and watch. Something must be done! I have the energy and knowledge – my inspiration might be just what the followers need to make the change.

To get people to wanting to live more consciously sustainable, we need to show engaging examples that comes from our everyday life. That’s what I want to spread – simple everyday eye openers that will lead to changes. Everything starts there, in our own everyday lives. Only when you understand that, you are ready to make changes.

What inspires you to be more climate conscious? ?
To save our common future. I want to be able to to see butterflies in spring, I want to be able to swim in the sea, I want to live so that my choices do not affect people and animals in other parts of the world. I have two children and I want to show both them and myself that change is possible!  

What would tell a person who wants to start a greener, more conscious life? 
That no one is sustainable perfect! So don’t get sad or give up when you feel that you are not living a perfect sustainable life. I’d also like to say that a more sustainable way of living does not mean sacrifice, rather the opposite!

Try it – you will like it! ?

To visit Annika’s instagram account, click HERE.

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