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Swedish Eco supports we forest

Swedish Eco is a proud partner to WeForest

We want to contribute!
Everyday when we are working with our products we are thinking about how we can use them to create a conversation about the fashion industry and how it looks like today. We are thinking in terms of production, the raw material – in our case the cotton and the use of it. This is one part of how we want to contribute, the other one is about giving back.

Very early on we teamed up with We Forest, a global organisation that plant trees around the world. So for every product of Swedish Eco you buy you actually help us plant more trees.

Okay, great, but tell me what it is actually good for? (Copied directly from We Forest’s webpage)

  • Forests balance the Earth’s water-cycle essential for cooling our climate.
  • In addition, forests play another vital role in stabilising the climate by sucking carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and fixing it into soils and biomass.
  • 50% of a tree’s biomass is carbon which remains stored, acting as a ‘carbon sink’, unless the tree decays or is burned.
  • Global forests are estimated to hold more CO2 than the atmosphere.


If you are curious to knowing more, please click in to their site and read more about tree planting and why it’s good for the environment.

Swedish Eco supports Weforest

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